At Smith Transport Well Services Division, we provided the latest technologies and solutions to monitor and reduce transit, loading and unloading times. This dedication to the latest technologies results in lower overall cost per barrel and lower costs to you, our client.

One of the most efficient and effective forms of technology is the addition of QUALCOMM GPS Communication Systems in every water truck. The Systematic satellite vehicle positioning allows two way text and data communication while the vehicle is stationary. This allows us to proactively improve fleet management and streamline communication, tracking and dispatch.

The Well Service Division also utilizes Fleetmatics. This enhanced communication allows customers to install apps directly on their smart phones, thus providing them with:

  • Real Time Tracking - Minute by Minute
  • Historical Status:
    • Startup
    • Shutdown
    • Idle
    • Location, Speed & More

Our technology allows us the ability to produce Customized Management Reports with real time electronic communication. Real Time Billing that details the actual transportation time spent moving your product.

Smith's IT infrastructure provides many helpful benefits:

  • Provide customers with both electronic manifests and weekly invoicing
  • Documents can be directly correlated to customer-specific spreadsheet
  • Develop customer-specific KPI's that can also be monitored and transmitted electronically to customers.

Contact us today to learn how Smith Transport Well Servicing Division can become a valuable servicing partner for your operation and save you money along the way, including, but not limited to:

  • Regional facilities and housing of drivers
  • Real time reporting and monitoring of cost
  • On Site Supervision
  • Custom Solutions – Manifolds & Generators
  • Continual Dwell Time Monitoring
  • Data & Image Management including scanned images & electronic transmissions
  • Reduced accidents & spills – safety procedures and training, equipment


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